Your Partner in dairy innovation
             Your Partner in dairy innovation


Gland and upgrades



The ROTAFLO milk parlor gland is mounted on a galvanized frame which is located in the center of the concrete platform.  It rotates with the platform and the gland is hooked up to the milk and vacuum lines by hoses to absorb movement and vibrations.  For the last 30 years, it has shown that installing the gland in this way has prevented additional maintenance or repair and that it extended the life expectancy of the gland dramatically. The ROTAFLO milk parlor gland can handle any milk equipment the dairyman would like to use and comes standard with a 12 electric tracks what can be upgraded to a 24 track to handle any computerized system and from a standard 4 x 3" to a 4 x 4" vacuum line hookup. The gland is made out of solid stainless steel to prevent corrosion and prolongs the life of the gland.




Cow Crowd System


      The ROTAFLO Autocomb cow crowd system offers a low stress cow control. The system works with the ROTAFLO together; when the ROTAFLO stops, the crowd system stops and starts up again when the ROTAFLO starts turning again. 


The autocomb system comes with the following features.

  • Nudging Function: If cows over pressure (push against) the autocomb system, it will stop, retreat and advance again repeatedly if required
  • Movement Bell: assists cow flow and communicates gate activity to operators
  • If gate does not fully lower (such as on cow), winch will raise gate again and stop
  • The system will not advance or retreat unless gate is fully raised or lowered
  • With the inclined entry comb, the autocomb system can bring in the last cow without the help of a milker.
  • All around pull cord stop
  • Hot dip galvanized tractor unit