Your Partner in dairy innovation
             Your Partner in dairy innovation


Basement Parlor



         All ROTAFLO milk parlors are basement milk parlors where the milk and jetter hoses can be fed through the loop post or deck into the basement as seen on the photo on the left. The open stall loops of the ROTAFLO allows for easy installation of new milk equipment control boxes (upgrading) and easy cleaning.

Clean and dry


        The basement on the ROTAFLO milk parlor is a clean and dry environment for installing equipment and controls.  A complete stainless steel package with galvanized mounting brackets is included with the purchase of a ROTAFLO milk parlor as seen on the photo on the left.

Easy access



        Access to the equipment below the cow deck is NO problem.  Each ROTAFLO milk parlor comes with a ladder installed on the ROTAFLO cow deck for easy access to the milk equipment in the basement.  Most repairs or changeover to new equipment can be made during milking time without the risk of having the serviceman being decapitated by spokes of the mechanical rotary milk parlor.