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Rotaflo Drive Parts

NOTE:   The drawings below and on the following pages are NOT to scale and are not to be use for sizing of any Rotaflo parts.  The parts shown on the Rotaflo drain swivel drawings are for the new Rotaflo milk parlors and for the drain Upgrade Kit and maybe/are different than the parts of your older model Rotaflo drain swivel.  This is also the case with the drawings for the drive unit and drive wheels since several older drive units and parts are still in use.  The purpose of the drawings is to give you the customer and dealer a tool to help find the part and part number, of the parts you are seeking to replace, but also to show you what parts are included in the drain swivel upgrade kit, the new drive units, and part sets.

Part # 1223001


Rotaflo complete drive module (new model)


Part # 1223010


Rotaflo gearbox 70:1 (gearbox only)



Part # 1223017


Rotaflo 1.3/8" x 1.3/8" chain coupling (old model)


Part # 1223018


Rotaflo 40mm X 40mm chain coupling


Part # 1223032


Rotaflo 1.3/8" x 40mm coupling (transition from old gearbox shaft to new drive wheel shaft)

Part # 1223013  


Rotaflo gearbox oil Telis C150 1 liter


Part # 1223014  


Rotaflo oil catcher


Part # 1223024


Rotaflo drive shaft with nut and key (old model)


Part # 1223025


Rotaflo drive shaft nut (old model)

Part # 1223027


Rotaflo 7/8" Drive wheel A1 rubber (old model)

Part # 1223035


Rotaflo drive shaft bottom bushings 7/8" (old or alternative bushings for part # 1223036)


Part # 1225035


Rotaflo wheel/hinge bushings 1”


Part # 1223036


Rotaflo new 7/8" D-G drive bushing


Part # 1223077


Rotaflo D-G 1" drive bushing (new for part # 1223072)

Part # 1223072


Rotaflo (upgrade new) Drive shaft/wheel kit.  Includes: drive shaft chain coupling, stainless steel shaft, oil catcher, drive wheel, 1" D-G drive bushing, and a bottom bushing mount.  Complete unit.

Part # 1223201  


Rotaflo drive mount pair (L & R) with mounting slots for adjustment, grease nipples and four # 1223035 bushings. Finish: hot dipped galvanized


Part # 1223205  


Rotaflo drive mount mounting brackets (new type.  Angle iron for part # 1223201)


Part # 1223210  


Rotaflo drive chassis hot dipped galvanized (new chassis with bolted part # 1223222 "bottom bushing mount")


Part # 1223222  


Rotaflo bottom bushing mount, hot dipped galvanized (new)